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Moving to a new home can be stressful. Before you start packing, proper advanced planning can save you time, money and stress! Waiting until the last minute can be stressful and risky if you have moving deadlines that you need to meet. Below is a checklist to reference when preparing to move.

Countdown: One Month

The one month mark is a good opportunity to start getting organized. There’s definitely a lot to do, but don’t worry. By giving yourself plenty of time, you are ensuring an easier move. Activities at the one month point typically fall into three categories: administrative, collecting and sorting. If applicable, make sure to give your landlord notice of your move (some leases require 60 days or more). Begin to coordinate with utility providers. This means contacting the telephone and cable company to set up services. Also, inform your gas (oil if applicable) and electric provides that you will be the contact at your new property. A final administrative function is to tell work that you’ll need time off for the move.

At the one month mark you’ll want to start sorting your items into three piles: keep, toss and store. The amount of sorting you do will also dictate how much packing material you need. This is also a good time to start collecting packing materials.

Countdown: Two Weeks

It is the two week point and hopefully you’ve done a thorough job sorting your stuff. This is a great opportunity to start packing the items you won’t need until you’re in your new place. At this point there are more administrative items to handle:

– Notify people about your change of address and arrange for the post office to forward your mail.
– Cancel monthly recurring household services such as newspaper delivery.
– Book a moving company, rental truck or self storage facility.
– If applicable, arrange moving transit insurance.
– If applicable, ask someone to look after your kids and pets.

Countdown: One Week

During this time there is probably an excitement in the air over which room in the new home will be used for different functions. Within the last week until the move you’ll probably be busy working on packing and cleaning. During this time it is important to remember there are still some administrative things that need to occur. At this point you should be arranging for final bills to be paid (including having meters read) in addition, arrangements should be confirmed with utility companies.

There are also some administrative tasks and tactical issues that need to be addressed. You’ll want to exchange keys during this time. Make sure to collect yours as soon as possible. Also, make a map of the new property for the moving company. Prior to the move make sure to have old blankets prepared to put down in the new home to protect the floors and carpets. Ask yourself, will your new home have enough storage space? If you answer “no,” then you may want to consider making arrangements with a self storage company and also learn more about self storage units.

Countdown: One Day

Tomorrow’s the big day! With one day remaining you’ll want to start by sealing and labeling all moving boxes with the contents of the box and what room it needs to go to. If possible, consider staging these boxes towards the location of the moving truck–in a garage for example. You’ll want to make sure you pack a container with essential emergency supplies until you are fully unpacked. Finally now is the time to finish cleaning your home. This includes defrosting the refrigerator and freezer.

Countdown: Day of Move

On the day of the move remember to focus around security and safety. Make sure you disconnect any remaining electrical appliances and ensure all lights are turned off. Before you lock the door one last time, make sure to account for all items at your new location.


If you are in search of a life more tranquil, no place on this earth could probably compare with California. Be it the moderate climate, the numerous urban conurbations that dot the state, as well as the fact that it epitomizes entertainment as known through films and television, the reasons are just endless.

Moving to California makes a lot of sense from the point of view of professional career growth and opportunities as well. This is particularly true if you happen to be a ?techie? since almost the entire technology industry worldwide has emerged and evolved out of the Silicon Valley in California. Till today, the Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors from the San Francisco Bay area ? overlooking the Silicon Valley, are revered by ?technopreneurs? from across the world, looking for much needed seed capital for their entrepreneurial dreams.

Yet, it would be a fallacy to assume that relocating to California makes sense only for the ?tech brigade?. There is a veritable range of career options that the state offers, beyond the tech industry. For instance, the Central Valley, which true to its name, is located at the centre of the state, is considered to be one of the most fertile and arable places in the world. So, if you are looking at a life tilling land amidst Mother Nature, a California relocation could offer you exactly that.

Moving to California also offers a life amidst the country?s rich and famous. After all, California is the United States? richest state. At a global level too, California ranks seventh in comparison to all other countries of the world, in terms of its GDP, ahead of Spain, as ranked by the IMF. This automatically implies a supreme quality of life with a superior median income as compared to most other states of the United States. Additionally, all major amenities important to everyday life are most easily and conveniently available across California.

If you happen to be relocating to California from any of the northern states, particularly if that state happens to be Alaska, you will really enjoy the change in the weather. The weather in California tends to be Mediterranean, ranging from moderate to reasonably warm. The sublime beaches all along the Pacific coast further add to the charm of the weather of the state. Surfing and cruising along the Californian beaches is an experience not to be missed in life.

Rest assured, a California relocation would be a perfect decision for you, one you would look back only to cherish.


Are you one of the citizens of Los Angeles who are in need of the services of a mover? Well, there are so many movers in Los Angeles that are so willing to do business with you, whatever your reason for moving is. The huge number of movers is not only the good news but also, there are cheap movers Los Angeles. LA movers do not only help their clients transport their belongings but can as well assist their clients in packing their properties, ensure that each and every one of these properties are handled with care or in other words, packed as well as transported safely from starting point to destination.

Some citizens of Los Angeles think of relocating because of one major reason and that is to escape from the busy environment of the city. Some of the more relaxing places beyond the boundaries of Los Angeles where these citizens can move are San Diego and Orange County. For people who are in search for low-priced residences, they can put into their options other areas in Southern California going towards Las Vegas. In most of these places, the costs of living are as well lower. Most of these communities are still growing communities as well and this means that there will always be a spot for more individuals and hence, more opportunities. Choosing cheap LA movers is indeed the best choice if cutting down costs is the main reason for moving out from the city.

Searching for dependable but cheap movers Los Angeles can be so easy nowadays. Most of the LA movers are registered and most of them as well have their own online websites. On daily newspapers, many of these moving companies are as well on the classified ads page. One may also ask some family members or friends about the best cheap movers and which can they refer. Asking a few people around is also a way to have an idea on the actual charges for the services of cheap LA movers.

The charges of moving companies depend on the services that the client needs. Several options are usually offered by cheap LA movers. The low charges can further be lowered if the client packs his or her belongings himself or herself instead of letting the movers do the packing. With this, the client will only pay for the loading cost, the unloading cost, and the transporting cost. One must be precise when providing the details to cheap movers when asking for an estimation for the overall cost of moving. Giving the shortest route possible from starting point-to-destination to the movers can as well make the charges lower. The client must as well let the movers know if they have to carry his or her belongings up several floors and others.

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Relocation Companies

Shifting has always been described with words like chaotic, troublesome, tiresome, annoying, difficult, etc. But now with the change of technology and introduction of Hyderabad packers movers companies it is now described with words like hassle free, exciting, cost effective, tension free, etc. It is true that moving to new location with bulk of goods is not an easy task. It is one of the most problematic and chaotic task. It creates many unwanted problems that really makes people tensed, mentally and physically tired. So instead of dealing such a problem it is better to hire the services from the moving companies of Hyderabad. These companies offer their services to make the relocation of customer?s belongings from one place to another in a hassle free way.

Relocation Company or Moving Company of Hyderabad are doing a good business by providing quality services to customers. Their services are highly appreciated by customers to whom they have offered their services. But now they are well known name in this industry. They are well equipped with modern technology and modern equipments which helps them to handle each and every type of packing and moving. They also have teams of talented staff members and workers who have deep knowledge about safe handling, packing, moving, loading and unloading services. These staff member help customers with their move to make it hassle free and cost effective.

Packers and movers Hyderabad companies offer various types of services related to packing and moving. Their services includes shifting of household goods, packing and moving of commercial and industrial goods, sea freight services, air mail services, air cargo services, pet moving services, national and international shifting services, warehousing services, car transportation services, home shifting services, moving of machinery goods, import and export services, shipping of electronics, transferring of pharmaceuticals stuff, etc. They also provide comprehensive packing and moving services as per the choice and preference of customers. These entire tasks of packing and moving are done under the super vision of expert head of the company.

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Some of the packers movers Hyderabad companies also provide warehousing facilities to customers to store goods. They have spacious and well built warehouse that are moisture free and pest free. Customers in order to avail the services have to do registration with the company. Storing of goods in the warehouse is cost effective and from security points also it is very secure. While storing the goods and escorting the commodities from the warehouse, company experts checks the entire goods for the security purpose. They also help the customers to store goods in the warehouse or load goods in the lorry from the warehouse. Today with the increase of the real estate price, warehouses/ storage hall are becoming more popular. Most of the MNC?s, corporate sector, industries are hiring the services of warehouse to store goods. Warehouses are monitored with camera and staff members to make sure that the customer?s valuable goods remain untouched.

Well! Hire the services from any of the Hyderabad packers movers companies and make you shifting to new location in an exciting way. Moreover to avail the services to each and every client they have set up branches in all the major cities, towns and states of India. These moving companies have made the way of thinking about packing and moving different. From chaotic and annoying they have made the people think that it is exciting and hassle free.